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About Me

I have over 20 years of experience as an international executive for Fortune 500 companies and an entrepreneur.


At 18, I founded my first company, which I sold at 26, to enter the corporate world. Once I retired from corporate, I bought several businesses and became what turned out to be my passion: A business broker.

Whether you want to sell your business or expand it through acquisitions, I will do my best to help you achieve your dream!

My guarantee to you is that we'll work hard on your behalf to secure the best deal possible and take as much stress out of the process as I can.

I am a member of the Business Brokers of Florida Association and the International Business Brokers Association.


I work with Sunbelt Business Brokers of South Florida. You can also find more about me in my Sunbelt page.

Rest assured, I am here for you!

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Core values

I practice what I preach


Being honest, transparent, and accountable in all my actions and decisions.

Continuous Learning

I'm committed to ongoing learning and development, seeking out new ideas and perspectives, and encouraging my clients and my team to do the same.


I make every effort to understand and relate to the perspectives and feelings of others, and to communicate in a way that resonates with my clients and team.


I value personal responsibility, independence, and self-determination.


I believe each of us has his own unique talents and abilites, and we should all strive to develop them.


Passion is the fire we all have inside that drives us to achieve our goals. Nothing can be achieved without passion.

Passion is our source of motivation, inspiration and fulfillment, and it gives us a sense of direction.

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